Stating a fresh

Dave and I have been at each others throsts for the last few weeks which hasn't been fun. Last night we finally sat down and has a good chat about everything and things are a little more settled.

Things that haven't helped - the washing machine and playstation 3 both dies at the weekend, and as Dave can't live without the playstation 3 a new one has already arrived! We also had to buy a new washing machine meaning no money for house stuff next month :-(

On the up side, I finally made a dress for Ada using this tutorial, I will have to post some pictures of it as Ada loos so sweet (even though all I can think is that she is is wearing a pillow case!).

Ummm..I still have a whole changin bag and mat to make for a friend that I really need to get on with...I went to start it the other day but couldn't find my rotary didn't make anything...I must sort out the study so I can find my things!

Started watchin Glee on DVD, really enjoying it as I knew I would....hopefully dave will let me watch a bit more tomight on the new playstation 3! G and Nic have leant it to me while they are on holiday in the US and Canada (lucky things!)...and we've also stolen their washing machin while we wait for our new one! Need to pop over tonight to get one load out and put another load in! fun stuff!

Also going to the Drs tonight with little Ada as she has a bad chest, hopefully nothing serous and not asthma...but you never know...lots of Dave's family and my family suffer from it!

Aaaanway, enough random chat. Photos soon!

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