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Running: 10K and Half Marathon No.1

On the 22nd Feb I ran the Pontypool Home Run 10k.

My time was 1 Hour 4 minutes. In the cold and the rain. Which I was very happy with!

On 1st March (yesterday) I ran my very first half marathon in Newport. My unofficial time was 2 Hours 26 minutes. It was hard towards the end, but overall it wasn't as bad as I expected (as there were plenty of people to cheer us along and I enjoyed seeing the country side and areas of Newport I hadn't seen before). I sprinted the last 150m to the finish line listening to a bit of Rita Ora!

I'm also running the Llanelli Half Marathon next Sunday (8th March). This is mainly as a challenge to myself to see if I can do long-ish distance running...and partly to try and raise some money for Riot City Ravens (I've not been very unsuccessful at this second part!)

If you fancy sponsoring me you can HERE! (Thank you x)

After the race, very proud of my medal
With Mel and Hannah
Medal selfie!


Life at the moment is a mix of everything.

Being busy, but having time for long baths and lots of running.

Work going well, being home in the evenings watching The Walking Dead and Jenna Marbles, Felicia Day and Will Wheaton.

Singing and dancing with the kiddies.

Roller Derby training and games, stepping up to be temporary captain.

Reducing my anti-depressant dose to the lowest possible in an aim to stop taking them all together.

Healthy eating, green smoothies and eggs along with pizza and chocolate cake.

Broken washing machines and lovely neighbours offering to do our washing, as well as lovely friends offering to fix the washing machine for free.

Family funeral, family commitments, not seeing family for over a year, not having or making time to travel and see family.

New babies, 3 new babies in a week: Alexander, Cadi and Enfys Eira.


Breast feeding past 1 year.

I have been breastfeeding Irving, my youngest, since birth. It took a few months to get it all worked out and for me to feel like it was 'natural', but I am still feeding him now, 15 months down the line, and am loving it (for the most part).

Ada did not get on with breastfeeding and so I gave up after about 2 1/2 weeks (after a lot of pain, tears and stress). So continuing to feed Irving is something I am actually really cherishing and am happy to do until he chooses he does not need it any more.

Our routine is pretty simple now. I will feed Irving at about 5.30pm after picking him up from nursery, then he'll have a play and maybe a bit of what we're eating for tea (he has tea at nursery at around 4pm). At around 7pm he then feeds again before bed, sometimes he'll fall asleep on me and we'll put him to bed, sometimes he'll go to bed awake and be fine, sometimes he'll go to bed and cry a little then fall to sleep, sometimes he'll go to bed, cry a lot and get brought back down stairs with me to feed more until he falls asleep (sometimes he'll have more of a play as well).

So, going to bed is pretty hit and miss! If he does sleep at 7pm ish, he'll usually wake up again between 9pm-12am and then come into be with me to feed and sleep with us. If he goes to sleep on me at say 9pm, we'll put him into his cot when we go to bed and he'll wake at around 3am and come into bed with me, feed and sleep the rest of the night with us. He will feed on and off throughout the night, how much varies every night it seems. So no set routine at all really!

We're pretty laid back about the whole thing. I get frustrated sometimes on the nights he wont go to sleep and I am stuck on the sofa feeding all night, but I also love those close, quiet moments when I get to kiss him on the head and hold him extra tight!

I have to admit I really do love breast feeding (except the biting which happens now and again). And wont be stopping any time soon (Sorry Dave!)

I am also lucky in that I have never had any negative comments from anyone while feeding in public, which I continue to do (even though Irv is getting quite big!) I can't understand why people find it offensive. It is truly beyond my comprehension!