Thompson's Park in the snow

Ada and Tomos

Mexi-feat at Charlie's

More snow

I had a bit of a melt down on Monday night (I guess the thought of going back to work - to a mountain of work didn't help) and I guess it made me think - I really need to start appreciating what I have, enjoying myself and loving myself more!

As for my three Christmas wishes -

1) this one came true thaks to our awsome friends G and Nic who babysat Ada for 5 hours!
We cooked them dinner to say thank you because we felt so guilty!

2) Dave is going away for a week for work and my aim is to use my evenings to get our bedroom decorated - or mostly painted. It's not the most essential room that needs doing, but it's managable and should be do-able - If I get some help with the curtain rail!

3) This was go out and have a good dance again - something that I haven't done since our Weddin party back in April 2010....there's plenty of time for this I guess!

Somthing I didn't get round to at Christmas was taking photos of the gifts I made. Instead of spending too much money I gave two charities a donation and made cookies for people...Dave also made chocolate truffles for which I made pretty origami boxes.

It was lovely to give something hand made and we had lots of nice comments, mainly because people were amazed we had the time to make things! I think we ended up making 20 ish boxes of chocolates (4 in wach box) and about 13 jars of cookies! Phew!

Anyway, I can't go without some photos so here are some more of our Christmas 2010..well, they are up there ^^ as I can't be botherd to drag them down here!

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