I used to sing in a band with my best friends, Silence at Sea.

We haven't done anything for a good year or so now because we've all been busy having babies, working, getting different jobs, buying houses - the usual.

So, to get back into singing, which I love doing, this evening I went along to Canton Chorus to see how I liked it. The people were friendly and there were quite a few other new people there, I think I'll be going back.

Other news...I got my tattoo...the one I have been planning for at least the past year and have wanted since I was 18....it's sore and peeling at the moment, but everyone is saying how good it looks. Pretty chuffed with it myself and am thinking about the next one!

My other hobby, sewing, has also fallen by the way-side. however, I have a changing bag to make for a pregnant friend and curtains to make for our house, so I will get sewing some time soon.

Finally, I want to make my new hobby running. It's free, easy to start and is something I really need to do for my own health and well-being. I had the seed planted about running by Lisa and she so kindly sent me a book, which I really need to get reading....it might also help at the start if I had a running partner, but I don't have anyone to ask! And I need to find the best time to run...with it being wintry, cold and dark at the moment there doesn't really seem a good time...

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