This evening I ran 5.9km, quite easily, while chatting to my friend....and I enjoyed it. I felt good and that I could have run more.

This isn't a new years 'get fit' resolution, this is something I started in November, after a lot of deliberation, with the support of a new friend made through work.

I have run 4 x 5k Saturday morning timed sessions with Park Run and knocked 3 mins of my PB so far, I would love to run a sub-30min 5k in the next few months.

My big challenge this year is the Cardiff 1/2 Marathon in October, which I signed up for in November. On my friends suggestion I will also look for a 10k event to run, maybe around May give me  taste of a race.

I'm proud of my running. I never thought I could do it and now, here I am, running for 40-50mins straight with no need for a rest.

Go me!

Also, Ada is just amazing.

She is potty training - her first week - and other than a few accidents has pretty much got it!!
She's also talking lots and all the time, she puts full new sentences together, tells me that she's proud of me, that's she's had a busy day and that she's happy/angry/sad....she just blows me away everyday!
She was also so excited on Christmas day, it was lovely to see her saying thank you to everyone for her presents, even if they weren't there!!

Oh, and finally, I made it on the the CardiffBlogs list of local bloggers...along with Lisa. Cool.

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