Cardiff Half Marathon: Update 1

Week 1 (a week behind!)

Sunday 22nd July - 12 Weeks until Marathon
Monday 23rd - REST
Tuesday 24th - 2 hour Roller Derby Fresh Meat Session
Wednesday 25th - REST
Thursday 26th - REST
Friday 27th - REST
Saturday 28th - 30 min Run
Sunday 29th - 1 hour Roller Derby Drill Session
Monday 30th - Short run with 3 minute sprint
Tuesday 31st - 2 hour Roller Derby Fresh Meat Session

This is what I have done so far. Not much.

I started running/jogging last November with Lisa.
She ran the half Marathon last October and the Londaon Marathon this year!

Lisa after completing the San Dominico 20 (that's 20 mile race!)

I went to a few Park Run 5Ks and get into the swing of it. I was happy to run up to 10K without a break at my own pace (not particularaly fast but what I could happily manage).
I had a break during January due to a chest infection and then stopped again in April when I started Roller Derby ('Derby was more exciting!).

I have just downloaded a training plan (this one) to follow that will get me to around the 2 hour time for running a Half Marathon (hopefully!) I onyl chose it becasue it looked managable and I was happy with the format. I can't say if it's any good yet!

I'll try and keep you updated on how the training is going.

I have to say after yesterday sprint session I felt like I'd worked REALLY hard, even if it was for only 3 minutes!!

If you would like to sponsor me, my page is here: Sponsor Me!!

If you would like to find out more about the charity I'm rasing money for, Headway - the brain injury association, you can go here.

L xxx

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Lisa said...

Well done for getting started Laur - that's always the hardest bit :) Are you going to do a weekly half marathon blog post?
Thanks for the mention - ha! The San Domenico race was crazy, so hilly! I've just been re-visiting the results. I came 276th and was in the 'senior women's' category!! That makes me sound about 150!
I'm looking forward to reading your updates.