'Derby update...

This is proof that I can actually skate!

Sian took this picture of me at the recreational skating session we went to on Sunday morning. It's a great place to go to get time on your skates, practice dodging little people (children) who go slower than you, have a go at things you're not very good at, fall over, dance to cheesy music and generally have fun while getting sweaty!

Last night (after working on an event until 9pm) I quickly made it over to Futsall where we practice and had an hour on my skates as part of the beginngers sessions I go to with CROC. When I got there they were weaving through a pace line, then after I'd warmed up a bit we got on to hitting! We practice hip checks and shoulder checks, both of which I was ok at, I love the contact and can't wait to get better at it and put what I'm learning into practice!

I managed to blag my way in to a CROC training session on Friday too, they had a guest coach in, so I asked if I could come along and they said Yes! I thought I'd just be hanging out on the sidelines watching, but I joined in with the majority of drills and a scrimmage (sp?) at the end with everyone involved! It was great fun and although some people were being mega soft on me, I got a reasonable feel for what it's going to be like to play - the main thing I learnt was that I need to be able to stop and transition without haing to think (turn 180 and either stop or keep going backwards then turn back)...so definitely have things to work on.

On Saturday we went to see Tiger Bay Brawlers bout with Leeds Roller Dolls, they lost by nearly 100 points but played well! It was great to watch two skilled teams playing now I know more about the game, I was trying to pick up tips for moves and tackticks as well as trying to follow the rules about penalties - there are a million rules in 'Derby and I need to learn them! I bought my TBB T-shirt at the bout and customised it on Sunday morning before skating with Sian...Oh, and I have to say the TBB after party was the best thing I have been to in a long time! David and I had a babysitter and so both got to go, we danced like mad all night thanks to an excellent random mix of music from Jonny Bull! Loved it!

Oh, and back to last night, to put the icing on the cake, Chantelle (Chant Hell) chased after me as I was leaving practice and asked if I wanted to come to their 'proper' training (this is generally called being invited to join 'fresh meat' in 'Derby terms) so of course I said YES! I told David when I got home and he is happy for me to go to practice twice a week!! eek! so that could be a Monday and Wednesday or a Friday..which ever suits best I guess! Woooo! Looking forward to Friday now...So all I need to do is sort out my 'Derby name and number...which I think I have done (it will need making official so fingers crossed it's accepted!)

Laura Face-Palmer #222 (Twin Peaks reference anyone??)

Smile! You're a 'Derby girl now!


maw said...

Love the name :D

I Am Me said...

Cool, thanks x