More of what's been going on in my head recently...

I have been rather 'out of sorts' this week. I escaped from work to hide under my douvet on Monday afternoon and even though I managed to get myself to 'Derby practice, I managed to fall down far more that I usually do because I just wasn't focussed.

My mind has been wondering, not wanting to work and needing constant distraction (usually in the form of food or the internet)...not good or productive, especially in relation to work.

It's the last few days of the school term, and I definitely feel the need for a break. Unfortunately I have to wait until August 17th to have a few weeks off work. I'm hoping before then I can be productive and get lots of planning done for the new school year!

Ada is being a challenge at the moment too, or we feel she is...wetting her self/taking her nappy off in bed, smacking herself for 'being naughty', not eating when she always claims to be hungry...generally misbehaving. I guess it's just a phase and she is only 2 3/4 after all, but it's confusing and worrying when you haven't done it all before and you're not sure if it's how you treat her/react to things that makes her act the way she does...all we want is a happy, confident little girl, and I hope that's how she grows up! David's been finding it particularly challenging knowing how to react to Ada's behaviour, and has decided to stop being so much the 'bad cop' out of the two of us, I also need to be stricter about things...but it's all such a fine balance. We'll work through it and I'm sure we'll be fine...although we did have a moment on Sunday when we thought about not having any more kids! Then I was obsessing about whether we would disadvantage Ada by bringing her up as an only child! We just can't win!

Aaanyway...we've been really busy, no time to stop and just relax together, there's always something to do or somewhere to be....tonight is the first evening in a while where David, Ada and I will be home all evening together! So, what to do? What to eat? What to play with? In Ada's words, "we'll have to wait and see...."

It's also been pretty miserable here this week (although we did manage a lovely day out with Dad and Jenny on Sunday to Goodrich Castle and Symons Yat rock wich included a picnic, tea, cake and ice creams).

Ada doesn't mind the rain much through really!

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