Catching up...

We had a bit of rain on holiday but it didn't stop us having fun, even the flood in our tent on the last night when we through the srteam next to us might overflow!

So I'm 2 days into the second week back to work after our holiday and haven't blogged about it!
It seems like such a long time ago already!!

We had a lovely time and came back very relaxed and rested thanks to family looking after and Ada so well for the second week.

Unfortunately we didn't take any picutres while we were away as David left his camera battery at our friend's house and so no camera!!

The best bit of the holiday for a good story is the first weekend, it went a bit like this:

We arrived at Llyr's farm on Sunday afternoon and went for a tour of his 'land', running down the lane after our tour, Ada fell (tripping over her wellies) and headbutted the road, screamed and clutched her head! I frantically looked for blood, and thankfully there wasn't too much, what there was was a small but very deep (clean) gash on her head which needed a trip to A&E. There, after a 2 hour wait, Ada had her cut cleaned and then glued together!

On our way up to North Wales, via Aberystwyth, I took over the driving for a while. after about 10 mins of driving, I clipped the curb and burst the front passenger side tyre of Dave's car. We had to chance the wheel (for the first time ever), slowly drive back to the nearest garage for air (they didn't have the tyre we needed) then head back to Aberystwyth for a new tyre (£82!) before we could again get on our way...due to the delay we camped at the foot of Cadir Idris.

Getting our tent out at the camp site, we discovered that we hadn't re-packed the broken tent pole we were planning to fix! We had bought what we needed to fix the pole with, but had forgotten to get the pole out of my car!! We managed to pitch the tent with the pole missing, but felt rather stupid!

So, the next day we finally headed up to the Lake District and found our planned campsite. They informed us that as it was bank holiday weekend in the few days they wouldn't have space for us for the full 6 nights we were there..they suggested a site down the road, so we headed down there....where we pitched out NEW tent (we bought a new one in Kendle on our way as we couldn't find a replacement pole) turned out to be huge, but also perfect for our 6 night stay.

After paying for the camp site and looking at what we'd spent in the last few days on food, petrol etc...we found that we had spent all of our holiday money...before we'd even had a day in the Lake District!! The only thing for it was to use my credit card....

After all that, we had a really lovely time. Driving along little lanes, admiring pretty views, dodging sheep, throwing stones into lakes, visiting Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter's house, eating lovely food, including lots of tea and in many shops and charity shops...

A successful if rather expensive stay-cation!
We also went here, Beatrix Potter's house. Ada loved it but kept asking if we were going to meet Beatrix, when I told her she was dead we had to ask the people who worked at the house where she was buried, it turns out she had her ashes scattered across the hills nearby.

We went on this lovely narrow gauge railway while we were away, the train stopped right outside our tent (and up a little hill)! Find out more about them here.


Madog said...

Brings back haapy memories of the many camping adventures we had with David and the others when they were little.

I Am Me said...

cool. Dave really does love camping x