Food diary # 4

Monday 22nd : dry Wheetos, squash, diet coke, mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich, quavers, roast potatoes, peas and sweetcorn, gravy and a Linda McCartney cheesy sausage roll (totally yummy, Thanks David!) - no sweets or pudding! go me!

Tuesday 23rd : cereal & OJ, egg mayo sandwich, diet coke, walkers baked crisps (i can see a pattern with my lunch, but I'm OK with that as it fills me up enough until tea time!), Dave's pasts with tomato sauce and grated cheese, 4 mini doughnuts, one bottle of Bulmer's red berry cider.

Wednesday 24th: cereal & OJ, diet coke, veggie sushi collection, walkers baked crisps, pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, 2 1/2 mini doughnuts.

Thursday 25th:  cereal & OJ, diet coke, mini brownie and mini lemon cake in the office,  packet of baked crisps & squash (moving furniture, no time for food!!), veggie sausage and mash with peas and gravy.

 One pudding/sweet treat a day is going well!

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