Food diary # 5

Friday 26th: can't really remember but I know I had pasta with a cheese sauce and quorn for tea before skating, otherwise I think it was the usual sandwich at work.

Saturday 27th: Ada's birthday! Cinema whirl and banana milkshake, Maltesers (walk to town and cinema), 2 slices of pizza, hummus and veg sticks, nibbles, birthday cake (too full for tea!)

Sunday 28th: cereal, mash pots, cheese and salad, welsh cake, fruit corner yogurt, diet coke (addicted!), bruscetta, penne aribata, profitter roles!

Monday 29th: nothing! diet coke, water, veggie chillie with potato wedges, diet coke (again!), pasta and tomato sauce with cheese, small slice of birthday cake, bowl of cheesy puffs!

I think I'm allowed the weekend off for Ada's birthday, but I really didn't do too badly considering!


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