I want I want I want...

The problem with having no spare money (like at the moment) is that you want everything you can't have!
Before having Ada, Dave and I were quite flush (looking back on it anyway), we were lucky and generally never had to think about whether we could afford something and always had money in the bank. Now, after buying our house and paying for childcare, that disposable income has all but dried up and we dream of eating out and buying new clothes! (lol, that sounds silly, but we really do have to watch what we spend).

I saw this outfit post on a new-to-me blog and thought how I would love to buy a nice checked shirt to wear under a woolly jumper this winter, and some new shoes, and get my hair cut....but I just don't have the cash...

From Rachel the Hat  

Some good news is that we got the funding from the council to send Ada to a very good local Welsh nursery. We are so pleased! It is only down the road from us, and round the corner from G and Nicolas too. We're taking Ada for some 'settling in sessions' in December and then she starts full time after Christmas! eek!

Umm...what shall I do with my hair? It's nice and long, but it's terribly dry with split ends and gets sooo knotty at the moment because of the colour/dryness...I really don't want to cut it off, but it would be nice to have it in a 'style'...maybe a long bob, shorter fringe  and a bit messy...?

This is really pretty..but in Red of course!

 Or something like this:

(from Pintrest) - Love this colour!
I definitely need a new look in the hair department!


Ben said...

Everytime I see you, you have a new look in the hair department! :)

I Am Me said...


Rachel The Hat said...

thanks so much for featuring lil old me! so glad you liked the shirt, its mega comfy and was only cheap from tesco! Im the same lately with Neos nursery fees etc things are tights in the turone household and i dream of shopping sprees!lol xx