I've been back at work for nearly a week since my 2 weeks annual leave, I'm not going to talk about work (it's taboo on here!) but the week has gone so quickly and I only have another 2 weeks until a 2 week Christmas break!!!! Yay!

Glasses - Glasses Direct
I'm loving my outfit and my hair today. Shame I'm having a good hair day when no one is going to see it, but it makes me feel good so that's ok!
Dress - International
I'm wearing a dress from International that I bought in the sale I think...I can't remember how much it was, but probably no more that £15, it is covered in cute cats and has a lovely peter pan collar.

Boots - Blow Fish, Tights - Tesco
My tights are ones that I bought yesterday in Tesco, I had pulled a hole in the ones I was wearing and had a work thing in the evening so needed to look respectable.
They looked purple when I got them, but wearing them they are more of a wine colour. I really like them anyway and they were only £2...

Scarf - New Look
I bought this scarf when we went on our summer holiday from New Look in Carmarthen on a whim...I'm glad I did! The necklace is two put together, mu mum's Skye Silver Star Fish which I inherited and my wedding present from Dave, L, D and A on silver disks with a fresh water pearl.