'Tis the party season...

Well, this year I am feeling mega festive! Not sure why but I'm really looking forward to getting our tree and decorating today, buying an advent calendar, buying all our Christmas presents (we're planning on doing 99% of our shopping on line this year)...

And then of course there are the parties...

I only actually have 2 to go to this year, and one is a birthday party (but for  fabulous girl who loves to dress up!) So, i need some outfits.

The birthday is on the 8th and so I have this weekend to get something together for an outfit. The theme of the party is TOWI - I have NEVER watched it but I get the gist of what is expected...this is the sort of thing I'm planning to wear:

Dress - Matalan (any dress with sparkle will do!)

Shoes - ankle boots...eBay - I would never usually wear something like this but I love the colour!!

Make-up - over the top! False eye lashes! Masses of lip gloss! Yay! (I will try but I refuse to do the fake tan!)

I think a trip to Primark is in order!

The second party is our work Christmas meal, I am really hoping that some of us will then go out afterwards for a dance, but as it's on a Wednesday in a city I don't know (Swansea) I'll be relying on them on taking me somewhere...otherwise it'll be drinks in the hotel bar..whatever we do, I'm sure it'll be fun!

This is what I'm planning to wear (this is much more me):

Dress - my Max C dress that I finally got in the post yesterday..I had to send it back as it was too small...my new larger size just fits...it would be so nice to loose a few pounds!

Shoes - Tesco
Make-up - I love Lisa Eldridge and her make-up tutorials. I really need to get some red lipstick this weekend. I have some red nail varnish and eye liner and am soooo looking forward to trying a vintage look...with out the lace mask!! No idea what I'm going to do with my hair.....will have to have a think...any ideas?



Amanda Ellexson said...

I love getting all dressed up for the holiday season! It's the best excuse to get a wonderful new dress and cute shoes!

Bacteria Girl said...

Did you make it to Primark today?! I need to see pictures of the TOWIE outfit when you finish it, I'm sure it will be awesome! I had a Bourgeois red lipstick which was really good (I lost it *sadface*) so I recommend them - it was really creamy and moisturising but didn't bleed. No idea if they're expensive though. I also have a Rimmel one which is pretty good though, the colour is 'Alarm' I think.

Helen Woodward said...

I've got Rimmel lipstick in 'alarm' and LOVE it. Hx