Well...I had fun!

Last night I went out for a friend's 30th birthday.
This is the sort of night out I would have dreaded a few years ago, but I love it and loved getting dressed up too!
We were meant to dress up like TOWI...so I tried!
We had a cocktail making session at 4pm...and then went out dancing...until 2am.

L-R Rachel, Nat, me
Lisa and I making a Santa Baby cocktail
Everyone (I only knew Lisa and Nat)

Downing a shot with no hands!
Telling Nat how to make a cocktail blind folded. We lost the challenge and I had to drink a Chillie Shot..yuk!
I did wear false eye lashes which I loved and will definitely be wearing them again...I drank too much of everything...which I wont be doing again in a hurry!

I slept until 1pm today, before I woke up from my drunken stupor and we all (David, Ada and I) went out to see friends and family at a local craft market and got tea at Chapter....I had a lovely day.

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Bacteria Girl said...

You all look lovely! Glad you had fun! And sometimes you have to overindulge on the booze - it is Christmas after all!!! ;)