Our house...

Our house is still giving me a headache...everytime I go home I feel like I should be doing something to it, at least tidying if nothing else...but I don't and then more wasing piles up, dishes in the sink....jobs left undone.

I really should try and get some more things done before the baby comes along, so here are a few of my current house inspirations:

This house from Making it Lovely, is lovely!

Eleanor's Room
Photo from Making it Lovely
I am always inspired by Amanda at Soulemama, I love her way of life, her 5 amazing kids and their perfect little homestead...this is something David and I aspire to! The house isn't bad either!

Tile (2)

Quilt (8)
Photos from Soulemama
 And finally, a blog I don't know so well, but a lovely, soothing, calm family home from Skunkboy Blog

Photos from Skunkboy Blog

So, there you go. I would like a clean, spacious, white (in some places) light and airy house....not going to happen folks! (well, maybe with a lot of work!) x

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Leanne Cornelius said...

Gorgeous inspo. I don't think my house will ever be that neat and I don't have any children to contend with, just me & my husband make enough mess! x