Well, I wrote a blog today, and then accidentally deleted it.
It was a general update of what I've been doing recently and my exercise routine.
It mentioned that I am running more, but not that I am planning on running both the Newport Half Marathon and the Llanelli Half Marathon too...on the 1st & 8th March.
There was a bit about going to Winter Wonderland with the kids and a bit about Roller Derby and that we have our first official (friendly) away game this weekend in Wrexham...

But, here is more of what I have been thinking about while working in Chapter today...

My job is good, well paid and not too stressful (except when I think I'm going to loose it due to funding!) I am (at the moment) able to work from home (or Chapter) a lot and the people I meet and work with are lovely..however,the grass is always greener isn't it!

I often sit in Chapter day dreaming about what job I could do that would allow me to work in Chapter every day, browse the internet, read and write blogs and generally something that fits around family life and pays the bills! (so pretty much what I'm doing right now!)...ha, I should be happy with how I am able to work right now, right? Well, no, I still have a million pipe dreams that I try and make into basic business plans in my head on a weekly basis....here are few of my ideas...

- personal trainer
- personal internet shopper
- freelance adviser (on schools/education/whatever I have knowledge in)
- freelance blogger
- professional internet browser (joke!)
- interior designer (I have no knowledge or qualifications in this area)

The list goes on!

Oh, and I bought some boots!

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