The weekend...

We finally had a weekend where we did stuff, brought stuff and relaxed a bit! We've been either busy or ill for so long that it felt like I hadn't been out the house for months!

We went shopping in town on Saturday a brought a few things for the kitchen (Bread Bin, saucepan) and Dave bought some new shoes...and we brought the Warpaint album which is pretty good. Dave also baked bread which turned out nice (again!)

We also brought Ada her first proper Clarke's shoes (she's had one pair from Mothercare already but with Clarke's you get a little photo of them in their shoes! - the picture is terrible but cute!)

Here are the shoes Ada got - little booties for the Winter weather!

I don't think I got anything for myself.....I'm planning on getting a few new clothes soon though!

On Sunday I was a bit ill (again, I was also sick on Friday night but seemed over it just about on Saturday - weird!) We went to DIY shops to get paint for the living room and bedroom and curtail poles too....still got to decide on the curtain fabrics yet!

Will have to post photos of the decorating once it's started and the end result! But I'm guessing that will take a while!

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