It's December!

Wow, how did that happen, it only feels like last week we had Ada's birthday party!

Well, I've done the Christmas shopping I need to do for our work and friend Secret Santa, I have plans to make some tasty treats for the rest of the family, and I have made my long-planned donation to charity (instead of spending the money on presents people don't need/want). I decided to go for the Haiti Cholera appeal and the Pakistan Flood appeal. Far better to give money to those who can help than spend it on things we don't really need (or even want!).

I still need to order Ada's art supplies which we're getting her for Christmas, and get some Jars for our home made treats...oh, and I need to get some things for Dave and Ada's stockings...just little things that can either be eaten or are useful (I hope), I don't just want to buy a load of tacky rubbish!

Dave bought a tree in his lunch break, so we'll be 'trimming up' (as they say in the valleys) tonight, after I've been to Yoga! Exciting!

After that I need to finish off my stocking Advent Calendar (24 felt stockings that we'll fill with chocolates or other goodies in years to come!). I'm surprised I finished the stockings, glad too!

Finally put up the pictures we had for Ada's room last weekend, here are a few pictures of her room, and the little lady herself!

Oh, and it's been snowing too!

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