At home.

Dave takes the best pictures of me. I'm a terrible poser and he manages to catch me off gaurd which is definitely the best way to get me looking like me, rather than a stiff, trying to smile me.

This weekend was frustrating. I wanted to do lots, I want to do dome DIY in the house, but we have no money. So, I wanted to go and look at things for DIY inspiration, but Dave doesn't see the point in that, as we have no money. So we were stuck.

We did get some wood for our kitchen shelves from Dave's Mum and Dad on Saturday, so that was good, but now we have to save up for the cast-iron brackets we want, so the wood is going to sit around the house until we have the time and the money to do the rest of the kitchen.

I did manage to get the shelves in the livingroom waxed this week and they look sooo much better than I thought they would, and it was so satisfying getting them done in a few evenings...I felt like I'd been very productive.

Sunday we were quite busy. In the morning we went to The Pumping Station, an antiques warehouse to have a browse, then we went to Penarth for a walk through the gardens and to the pier. Ada loved looking at the sea though the cracks in the wooden slats of the pier. We then wanted to have lunch somewhere, so headed to Cowbridge, everywhere was shut and Ada got ratty so we carried her back to the car and stopped off at The Red Lion for a traditional Sunday Roast - no vegie option so Ada and I had a big plate of veg and yorkshire pudding - Dave had pork.

We headed home and did some gardening in the afternoon, just tidying up and weeding...then headed over to Tom and Steph's for a cup of tea. I went out to see Super 8 with G and Nic in the evening and Dave had his sister over and watched some of 300. I was soooo tired when I got home and had a banging head ache so headed to bed before 300 finished, shame as I was really enjoying it.

Tonight dave's sister is coming over for tea, I hope I can get a little bit of house work done as well as chilling out and chatting.

Tuesday Dave is at band practice so my plan is to sort the bedroom out and paint the ceiling! Yay!

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