The weekend...

(Cupcakes from Madame fromage)

On my few days off with Ada, and waiting for my car to be MOTed, I got some new shoes, cute autumn coloured flats and some oxfords/brogues...

...both from peacocks. I returned a cardigan and a skirt I didn't think I would end up wearing, and for less than the refund for those items I bought these two pairs of shoes. I really like them both!

This weekend I mostly ate!
We ate out on Saturday afternoon after 'doing' the Albany Roas charity shops (I got three dresses a cardie and a belt for about £20 quid!) We then went out for GOFDC (going out for dinner club) with lots of friends to The Vegetarian Food Studio on Penarth Road. It was great, cheap, great service, lovely indian food and good company. We were soooo full at the end I didn't have a pudding - very unlike me!
Then on Sunday we popped into town (in the rain) to get Dave some drum sticks and for me to get some skinny black jeans for Autumn/Winter...then we headed home to cook a Sunday roast for us and our friends.

See the cupcakes in the photo ^^^

We ate a massive roast, and then had a cup cake each from madame Fromage and, after Ada had gone to bed, we had vanilla cheese cake while playing scrabble.

A great weekend, if a bit filling!

L x

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