The last days of summer...

We have had some lovely late summer weather over the last few days which has meant walks in the park with Ada in the evening, BBQs two nights in a row and the opportunity to wear a few more summery outfits before it gets properly cold.

These pictures are from Thompson's park on the 30th September....Friday evening.

I was wearing a dress I'd picked up on a brilliant charity shop shopping spree a few weeks ago (Topshop dress for £4.99)...and cool bring red tights, love them (but managed to get a hole in them with a twig while kicking up leaves!)

We're going on holiday at the end of the week to is supposed to be around 25-30 degrees while we're there. Looking forward to wearing dresses and shorts and trying not to get too sweaty AND eating lots of lovely food and drinking lots of cheap red wine, yum! It'll be Ada's first flight and our first holiday with my in-laws in tow, so we'll have to see how it goes!

I need to do a few things before we go...get through my to do list at work, wash and dry the clothes we want to take and buy a few pairs of skin-coloured matter what I just don't do bare legs!!

What else...oh yes, I went out for an 'end of (academic) year' lunch with people from work on the friday these pictures were taken. It was lovely, good food, mega cheap and had some interesting conversations about running with two people from work. One of them is a girl I've heard about lots through work and who wrote a We Are Cardiff blog, I'd never met her in person so introduced myself (getting her name wrong!) and continued to talk to her and her boss during the meal about their love of running, and how I could get myself into it (free exercise from your front door should not be knocked!)...I'm hoping to start soon-ish...we'll see!

L x

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Lisa Derrick said...

It was lovely to meet you at the meal Laura! My mother gets my name wrong most of the time so that's no worries!! I'm confident you'll start running soon :) I'll get Inner Running sent to you asap, I'm sure that will help.

Here's a preview!