Habits and routines

Ever since having Ada, and before I guess, I've thought it would be good to get into routines.
Bedtime routines, dinner time/tea time routines, weekend routiens, morning routiens.
It hasn't happened!

We don't do a specific bedtime routien, but Ada is happy to go to bed, with or without a bath, with the promise of a story.

We sometimes get up at 6am..sometimes 7am....sometimes 8am....depending on the night before, what time Ada gets up and what we feel like.

I'd love to get up at 6am every morning to go for a run or do a 30min workout, but that hasn't happened yet, no matter how many times I think about it...maybe one day?

Anyway, I do have a point to this...I have been doing a few things with Ada on a kind-of regular basis that I enjoy that I feel are regular things we do together, just us.

1. Swimming, for the last 3 weeks (not long I know) we've been swimming at the weekend. Ada hasn't really been swimming much and needs to have some proper swimming lessons really, but getting her in the pool, trying out armbands and practicing putting her face underwater has been great fun, I just wish I could have a proper swim too sometimes!

Ada chomping on her sweetcorn in IKEA yesterday

2. On a Tuesday when David has band practice Ada and I usually eat out (either at IKEA or McDonalds), I know not, the most healthy of places, but they are cheap and cheerful and give me the chance to spend time with Ada and eat, instead of being at home and having to spend my time with her cooking/tidying/washing the dishes! We also tend to pop over the G and Nicola's on Tuesdays too...one week we had a pizza making session (see the results below!)

Ada's Owl pizza
So, we don't have set routines, we just have things that we do every week, whenever they fit in, and that suits us fine.

G's Batman pizza


Beth said...

If you like when I'm home, I could come swimming occasionally, so that I could look after Ada whilst you swim, I used to do it with Sara and the kids, no worries if its a bonding time though, just thought I'd offer! :) xxx

I Am Me said...

Thank you, that would be great! We could go running together too? When are you moving back?? x

Beth said...

Running, I'd prefer to do by myself. Just because i put my headphones in an empty my head for a bit and I've tried going with people before, but I get on better by myself. But swimming definatly! And well anything else really I'm always up for doing things :) We're moving down a week tomorrow! Xx