The weekend...sunshine and showers

The showers were on Saturday.

Ada and I went for (what is now becoming) our weekly 'swim' in the morning while Dave went off filming for We Are Cardiff at the Photo Marathon.

Then we all went to the car..because it was pouring with rain. We ended up queuing for almost an hour to get into a carpark, but once we were there we had a nice lunch at Bellini's, did some shopping for fathers day and Ada (she got some Duplo and a Spillers hoody) and had milkshakes and hot chocolate before heading home.

In the car while queuing for the car park...for an hour!
Sunday the sun decided to shine for us, so, after David had been given his father's day presents from Ada (aftershave and a CD - Sleigh Bells' new album) we headed out with G, Nicola and Bill to a littel country park for a walk...we chatted, enjoyed the sun, ate wild strawberries and went on a huge slide!

After that we all went for Sunday lunch togeter and ate far too much, headed back to G and Nicolas to hang out, had some pims in the garden and then settled down to watch Fast and Furious was a fun, relaxing afternoon.

We headed home to watch the football and I caught up with my friend Lisa who I haven't managed to see for ages....

We also managed to watch 2 episodes of Fringe before to bed!

Busy Busy!

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Ben said...

We were at that country park soon after you. A little disappointed in the fact that the rain seemed to have washed most of the paths away. Nice park there for the kids though - shame I don't have one!