I love the weekend...

I am growing to love the weekends more and more as work is more 'serious' now that I have a new job (although I still manage to find time for blogging!) and a few days off are really needed!

This weekend was pretty laid back, David and I both had a night out, we saw friends and David's sister was visiting, we popped into town, ate out, pottered around the house and watched a bit of football (not a regular habit, just the Euro2012 final as Dave had Italy in our sweep stake! Oh Well).

David had a night out on Friday for a friends leaving-for-Canada-for-a-few-months do and before that we had our (semi-regular) evening meal at Chapter and bumped into Andy and Sian too.

On Saturday we went to town to look at the new outdoor market on Queen Street, it was small but perfectly formed, I tried on a few vintages clothes and we bought a lovely loaf of Bloomer bread. We had lunch at Cafe Minuet and then headed back home, to meet up with G and Nic for tea and cake, through Bute Park...the cafe we were planning on going to wasn't open by the time we got there at about 3.30pm...so we went to Victoria Park instead and had ice creams, and watched the kids playing in the outdoor paddling pool (there were plenty in there even though it was pertty nippy in the wind!)

Saturday night I went out for a few drinks in a local pub with Nicola, Harri, Ben, Hayley, Shane and Charlie. I didn't really feel like it but once I was there it was fun (as always) we had a bit of free buffet food and a game of pool (which I watched) as well as a good old natter and a laugh!

Sunday we had a bit of a lie in, then headed to Llanrumney leaisure centre for the roller skating - it's more of a kids skating session (with thier parents, with some games and silly music) but I did manage to practice my cross-overs and stops, get a bit of speed up to practice dodging inbetween people and worked up a good sweat, so couldn't complain and will be going again!

In the afternoon we popped in to see Andy and Sian, then headed home to chill out. When we go home, Dave's sister Bethan came over and played with Ada while David cooked Sunday lunch and I tidied up a bit..it's so good when someone entertains Ada and I don't have to try and entertain her and do what ever job I am trying to get done!!

Looking forward to Roller Derby practice tonight, will try and remeber to get a picture of me in my kit to put on here - just to prove I can actually skate!!

So, some photos...

Ada and I 'chilaxing' infront of the Tour De France on Sunday (taken by Bethan)

Ada playing with her Dino stickers from Lisa (taken by Bethan)

David at the Romily - Taken by Simon Ayre

My usual evening activity, browsing the interweb

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