Tattoos and shopping

I have two cool things to look forward to...

This afternoon after work I'm meeting with a friend and going to spend some vouchers I got when I left my last job and have a bit to eat. I'm looking forward to browsing clothes without having to also entertain a toddler and just having a nice girly time!

Tomorrow with work we're going to the Big Bang Fair in Swansea for the day, then I'll be heading back a bit early to make sure I get to my tattoo appointment for 4.40pm! So exciting!

I really hope my tattoo is ok for Monday's CROC practice, that's the only thing I'm worried about!

Also, I felt really happy walking from the car to the office today, I dyed my hair red/auburn again last night, so it's lovely a soft and red, and I wore a nice outfit (ready for shopping) so felt good in general, always a nice way to start the day!!

Apologies for the silly face but I was tyring to show my hair off! Generally rubbish picture!

Yesderday Ada went to support her friend and cousin at their school sports day, this is what she wore and took with her:

I also discovered some wild strawberries at work yesterday, while walking to a training session, I was so excited that on the way back I took a picture of them and ate a few. Yummy! We saw some out on our walk a few weekends ago so it was lovely to see more growing in an unlikely place.


David Roberts said...

that's not a bad picture or a funny face. you look hot! :) x

I Am Me said...

why thank you darling! x

Lisa Derrick said...

Looking forward to catching up :) x

I Am Me said...

Me too! x

Lisa Derrick said...

I am having posting issues! :)