Cardiff Half Marathon: Update 2

Week 2 & 3

Wednesday 1st August - REST
Thursday 2nd - 40 min Run + stretches at home
Friday 3rd -REST
Saturday 4th- Easy 30 min Run
Sunday 6th -2 hour skate
Monday 6th - REST
Tuesday 7th - Fast run/Walking 2 laps of Victoria park
Wednesday 8th - REST
Thursday 9th - Run with Gareth (including lunges!)
Friday 10th - REST
Saturday 11th - Skate on Cardiff Barrage
Sunday 12th - REST
Monday 13th - REST

If I'm honest, I don't feel like my 'training' is going very well at all. THe run on Thursday 9th was a killer, probably becasue it was so warm and humid! So I did some lunges while we were walking and I could hardly walk for the next few days!! Ooops!

Also on that Thursday run my calfs and left shin were giving me some jip so I didn' enjoy it musch, although felt great for going out and enjoyed catcing up with G.

I really need to get some long runs in now. I have enjoyed the srinting and I do feel it's given me more of a spring in my legs when running at a slower pace....although I have to say my slow pace is very slow!! 

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