House stuff...

We are sooo ready to get moving on our house and decorate.

So far we've decorated our living room, but it still needs a few finishing touches - pictures on the walls (almost ready to put them up) and an open fire - this will have to wait!

We're keen to do something in our bedroom...having no curtains for a year is getting on my nerves and having mis-matching Ikea furniture is also not great...we're in the process of looking for cheap/affordable vintage furniture to go with our lovely iron bed...

Dressing table - £60 from ebay

Bed £LOTS! - Dreams (can't find a picture of it!)

Mirror - £20 Gumtree

Draws £possibly buying from Gumtree on Friday:

Looking for - Wardrobe, stool & one bedside table...

We've also got big plans for the kitchen and dining room...but that all depends on whether we can afford a loan to get the work done!

Fun times for us 'grown-up' home owners!

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