10 weeks until Christmas..here's my pledge

I have recently come across the health and fitness blog 'where are my knees?' The blog follows a group of twenty-something's along their weight loss, healthy eating and fitness journeys.

They have inspired me to take their 10 week pledge, as I have been desperate to get out of my horribly bad, bad eating phase.

Here's my pledge:

Eat 3 sensible meals a day and keep active.

After a training sessions at work today, I know that to make an 'objective' count I need to make it SMART so here is a little more detail:

Specific - eat three sensible meals a day, reduce the amount of puddings/sweets/chocolate/treats I eat to 1 per day maximum, reduce or stop any snacking in between meals. Exercise for 1 hour twice a week (skating or something else!). 
Measurable - do this for the next 10 weeks.
Achievable - no weight loss is required but may be a positive side effect, feel better about yourself and make your meals a habit.
Relevant - to get out of a bad eating slump.
Time bound - feedback results during Christmas week!!

Ok, so fingers crossed!!
This starts tomorrow.

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