A new love...

Make up!!!

I've never been one for beauty regimes and make-up much in the past, but as I'm getting that bit older (nearly 33!!) and tireder I've found I am wearing it more and more to help me look 'normal' rather than 'at deaths door'.

What I use at the moment:
  • BB cream Light (Collection 2000) or No. 7 Triple Protection tinted moisturiser SPF20 Fair
  • Eclat Mineral pressed powder from Bourjois 02 vanille
  • Bourjois Blush 85 Sienne (the only blusher I've ever worn, ever)
  • Black Kohl eye liner (Tesco)
  • Illuminating Touch concealer (Collection 2000) - I have just started using this and it's great for under the eyes!
  • Great Lash Very Black mascara (Maybeline)
  • Liquid Eyeliner no. 1 Black (Barry M)
I have a routine day to day makeup that I wear at the moment (see above)  and a slightly stronger weekend look which includes liquid eyeliner (go me!) but last night I discovered this lovely make-up artist's You Tube Channel: Lisa Eldridge (I haven't checked out her full website yet but it is www.lisaeldridge.com). She has some great tutorials and reviews of products, and I was loving her info on foundation - which I have always found difficult to wear.

I am really keen to try out some make-up brushes, which I've never used before - I always use my fingers - and also try out some new products. I am also hoping that I get some new make-up in this month's GlossyBox!

Wish list:



Fixing Powder


               Liquid blush


A good set of make-up brushes

So, I'm thinking of doing some make-up reviews as part of my blog now and I'm looking forward to it...maybe even some before and after photos when I try a particular look from a tutorial! Cool!

If any of you have any tips or advice or know of any good tutorial videos, send a link my way!



Sian said...

ELF is good for cheap but good eyeshadow and things to experiment with: http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/index.htm

I Am Me said...

ta x