Before and after (make-up)

So, here's my first make-up/product review. Maybe I'll have a regular 'Monday Review' post?


First of all here are some (pretty rubbish) before and after pictures of me while doing my daily make-up...can you see much difference?

Before my everyday make-up
This make-up took about 5 mins on Saturday morning: tinted moisturiser, blusher, tiny bit of eye shaddow, eye liner, mascara and loose powder. I also cut my fringe again as it was getting very long!

Then, when out on Saturday I splurged on some make-up and hair stuff:

  1. Beauti-Full Volume Mascara (Bourjois) - Free with the foundation! (usually £7.99) I tried this on Saturday evening when getting ready to go and see some Roller Derby. It made my lashes look longer and fuller than usual, my mother-in-law specifically said, 'ooh you have mascara on', so it must have made more of a difference than usual. Great because it's free! 4/5

2. Healthy Mix Foundation (Bourjois £10.99) I would never usually spend this much on any make-up, although I know it's worth it, and I do like this (on recommendation from Lisa Eldridge). It went on easily, wasn't too greasy (I tend to be quite shiny), covered my spots reasonably well (I don't have a good concealer at the moment) and lasted all nigh (even after lots of alcohol and dancing at the Roller Derby after party!) Good stuff. 4/5

3. Wake Me Up foundation (Rimmel £4.99 half price). I saw this when I was at the till and as it was one of the other foundations recommended by Lisa Eldridge and it was half price so I couldn't resist! I wore this on Sunday and found it went on well and looked nice and natural, also good after the night out we had on Saturday, it definitely made me look awake and healthy rather than slightly hung over! I can't make many comparisons between this and the bourjois yet, at the moment I like the both! 4/5

4. Sheer Loose Powder (Collection 2000 £2.99). This was my cheap and cheerful purchase, I'd like to invest in something more expensive in the future but I felt this would do for now. It does the job of taking away the shine on my face and felt lovely and smooth when on, I don't think it keeps the shine at bay for very long, but is perfectly good for the price and smells nice! 3/5

5. Dry Shampoo Chocolate Brownie (Superdrug £1.99) I've use a couple of dry shampoos before and found they dulled my hair and left a little too much powder behind sometimes (maybe because of how I used it?) I also don't like shelling out lots of money for things, so went for the Superdrug own brand. I chose the one for brown hair as my hair is quite dark at the moment. After using a tiny bit on my fringe it left my hair feeling dry and stiff, it helped it stay looking fresh after a night of sweaty dancing and smelt OK, but I didn't like the feeling it left in my hair. It'll do for now but I don't think I'd buy this particular one again. 2/5

6. Salt Spray (Superdrug £1.99). Something a hairdresser used on my hair years ago and was in a blog I read the other made me think this would be the perfect thing to give my hair a bit of texture when I blow dry it, so thought I'd try a cheap version rather than splash out for the Toni and Guy one I'd seen recommended. I quite like it, again I haven't tried it enough to give a definite 'it's great' but I was happy with it on Saturday night, giving me a messy look. It also smells lovely and fresh. 3/4

So there you go, my thoughts on some stuff!

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