Driving to work...

Once I have dropped Ada off at her childminder's house (Auntie Sara!) I usually have a good 20 minutes in the car of quiet time, sometimes I listen to the radio but I always have a good think.

Today I listened to The Life Scientific and caught some of One to One as well, both features women who were very passionate about their career and showed a great love and enthusiasm for what they did, as well as the fact that they had to overcome some problems along the way (including mental health and physical health problems).

I don't really talk about work here, and don't think I'm going to start, I like to keep my personal/home life and work life quite separate (after being a teacher and never being able to switch off from the job, it's really important that I get to relax at home!), but it did make me think about how passionate (or not) I am about my job and how little things can stop you from doing more and getting more out of life...all very deep!

Then I got thinking about my new obsession with make-up, and started worrying about it being a bad thing...I tend to think that wearing make-up is about insecurity, that I need to hide behind it to feel more confident, that I'm not happy with the real me. I do feel age has something to do with it, that I prefer to wear make-up to look a little better, but generally feel better about myself than I used to and am more confident than I used to be in my twenties...so why am I suddenly wanting to wear more make-up? I don't know, maybe it's because it feels like a luxury, I enjoy the process of putting on make-up and making an effort with my appearance, it makes me feel a tiny bit pampered and grown up...but I'm sure I'll still go out without make-up on as well!!

 I think the most important thing is for me to enjoy myself, what ever I do, which is often easier said than done, but I do realise that I am lucky, healthy...all the good things in life I have, I just need to make the most of them. Blah Blah Blah...this is turning cheesy now.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of mylovely family.

Me, Su (mother-in-law) and Ada on Sunday morning, taken by my father-in-law
Ada and her cousin Tia, taken by Auntie Sara
 Yay for family and their amazing babysitting skills recently! Thank you!

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