Food diary # 3

Thursday 18th: Toast with marge and jam, diet coke, baked walkers crisps, egg mayo sandwhich,mcdonald's meal!!!

Friday 19th: Toast & Jam, baked crisps, diet coke, mozarella tomato and basil sanswhich, pasta (I think - I can't remember!)

Saturday 20th:toast & jam, pasta, diet coke, smarties cookie, milk steamer, pizza and salad, galaxy chocolate.

Sunday 21st: (Mudrunner Day!!) cooked breakfast with beans, scrambled eggs, 3 grilled hash browns & 2 slices of toast, water, haribo, after the race - redbull & mars bar, mcdonalds meal on the way home, packet of sweetchillie crisps in the evening.
Note the greatest of weeks with the 2 McDonald's creeping in there, but the one yesterday was a big treat after my epic run/mudbath!!

Back on track this week, feeling good.

Update: weight 150lbs / 10st 10lbs

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