My sisters...

I have two younger sisters, Helen (14 months between us I think!) and Jenny (4 years between us).

We live quite separate lives, when I moved away to University I pretty much left home, Helen went to London for a year and then moved to live in Nottingham and Jenny moved to Derby when she went to Uni and now lives there with her Fiance. We tend to see each other when I visit my Dad's, at Christmas and on the odd visit to Cardiff...

Helen - brainy, funny, traveller and adventurer!
Helen now lives in South Korea, her and her husband have been there for 18 months teaching English and taking the opportunity to travel and explore as much as possible. They are very into travelling and have been to China, Russia, Georgia and Pakistan to name just a few places that are not on the usual holiday wish list! I am so proud of Helen, she is apparently the best English teacher her school has had and I'm sure she is loved by the children (and the teachers) alike. Helen and Nathan will be visiting in the spring next year before going off travelling again, I'm looking forward to hearing all their exciting stories! Miss you Hel! xxx

Nathan and Helen (giving Ada a horsey ride) when they came home in February this year.
Helen and friends on a hike in South Korea.
Jenny - brainy, energetic, creative and  caring.
Little-Jen (as I call her) has had her ups and downs, but she has grown into a creative and very positive young woman! I love that she's marketing for a local brewery (Dancing Duck) and is taking it all in her stride, I hope she carries on within the company/industry.
She's an amazing dancer, great at creative things and sewing (far better than me!) and dotes on Ada too. I think Helen and Jenny are closer than we are becasue they live/lived so much closer togerther (before Helen went to SK) and so spent a lot more time together as 'adults', especially after Mum died...I like having Jenny to come and stay with is in Cardiff and am looking forward to seeing her in November when Ada and I go and visit my dad for a few days. Love ya Jen! xxx

Jenny with Ada, when we went out for Afternoon Tea for her birthday, visiting Cardiff in March this year.
Typical Jenny! lol x

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