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In other news, I have had a day with Ada today. We watched and Lion King (again) and I tidied downstairs (finally!). We had lunch when David came home then popped out for screws for a bit of DIY I hope to do tomorrow and went to the swing park...we then made chocolate teddy bears with some silicon baking 'shapes' which turned out ok, but after making a cake yesterday as well I'm a bit caked out!

We also played with one of Ada's birthday presents and made some Play dough ice creams!

I jumped out of the shower to sign for my Max C London dresses in the post...soooo gutted that they don't fit!! I really need to email them to see if the larger sizes are available and if I can get a swap! fingers crossed as they are both lovely!

Now I'm back to Grey's Anatomy...catching up on Season 6 on Love Film before a first viewing of Season 7...looking forward to it.

This morning I also dyed my hair (again) with #74 Mango from Feria. It looks good. Oranger than before and shiny. I love freshly dyed hair, it's such a shame it fades so quickly.

Here's a picture....can't see much of the colour, and I haven't got any make up on, but I like pictures so here it is...I look really tired!

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