Christmas wish list...

I know I know, it's not even December yet, but I can't help thinking about Christmas, as although I'm not a fan of 'Gifts under £5' posts...I might as well make a little wish list...

I think this is what David is getting me:
I love the freshness of this apple perfume!
Some pretty underwear (these are from
I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for this from David for my birthday (which is on Boxing day!!)

I LOVE Ollie and Nic bags, my current one is a few years old and a little worse for wear..and this one will add a bit of colour to any outfit!

We have very little money for present buying this year, so I'm hoping we can find some sweet little gifts for family and friends. We have a budget and we will have to stick to it!

I'd rather spend lots of days together over Christmas with all the family, eating drinking and spending time together, rather than worrying about what to buy for who(m?)....we do lots of visiting and I do actually enjoy it! Really I do! xxx

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