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At the moment I am feeling stressed and out of sorts when I'm at home, and it's mainly because the house is such a nightmare - toys everywhere, mess, dirty plates piling up in the sink, dirty washing as the washing machine has decided to pack in...the usual!

I just saw this picture and post on Colleterie and through how perfect that hanging rail - from Ikea - would be in our study...We have big plans for the study, but I'm hoping Dave wont be against me getting something like this. I know they are fairly in-expensive...so, I'll have to ask him later and see what he says!!

The good news is that after this week in work I have a full 2 weeks off! To tidy and clean and decorate! I'm hoping to paint our bedrroom, put the curtain rail up, possibly sand some more of the stairs and generally have a good clean and tidy!

Ada and I are also going to see my dad for a few days so I'll get to relax! Yay!


robertjjanes@btinernet.com said...

We look forward to seeing you both !

Jessica said...

That hanging rail organizer is sucha great idea! I am a big IKEA fanatic! Hope to see your the results of your organizing! -Jessica L