Kitchen changes...

We are finally doing some proper work on the house.....rennovating and re-fitting the kitchen all by ourselves!

David is/has done most of the work including laying slate tiles on the floor, ripping all of the old cupboards out (that were stinky and mouldy!), painting, plumbing, fitting a new light, sanding, cutting and putting up new shelves, building IKEA cabinets and building brick plinths for the lovely belfast sink. He has never done this level of DIY before and has been amazing. The work below has taken 4 weeks, and we're hoping that in another 2 it'll be fully finished and in full working order!

Well done David aka 'Dave the Builder' xxx

1. Floor up and cupboards out.

2. Starting the new tiled floor.

3. Most of the painting and most of the floor done.

4. Shelves up, sink in, worktops in.

5. Just the sink to plumb in and the worktops to fix into place and stain/oil. Backsplash to tile and we're done!

What we've used and approximate cost:
  • Floor - Slate Tiles (£100)
  • Backsplash (not shown) - Cream metro tiles (£100)
  • Paint - Farrow and Ball (Calke Green) (£40)
  • Shelves - sanded down scafolding planks (free!)
  • Worktops - solid oak block (£300)
  • Cabinets - IKEA (£300)
  • Light Fitting - Wicks (£40)
  • Belfast Sink - Armitage Shanks (free!)
  • Dishwasher (not shown) (free!)
 Any DIY questions?? Want to hire Dave to refit your kitchen! (I think he'd say No!)

Oh, Here's a before picture when David started dismanteling things!

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