At the moment, when I think of home all I can think of is all the things to do.

I get home and then once Ada is in bed and I have the opportunity to tidy or clean or sort and organize, all I want to do is curl up in bed too!

We have nearly finished the kitchen, there is a list of little jobs that need doing, but we are nearly there...but there are still all these things to do, tidying and cleaning that can't be done until it's all's goes on.

I need a clean and tidy house, that's what I really want right now. Cleaning and tidying the house does the same to my head. And it means I can relax...maybe I'll have a chance to do a little bit tonight?


Sian said...

I know what you mean about tidy house, tidy mind. Still, it'll be worth it when you've got your new kitchen and everything is back where it should be!

Ys said...

I'm exactly the same: I can't stand clutter and mess. But it'll definitely be worth it once all the decorating's finished.