This month I've set David and myself the challenge of a cash budget.

I have budgeted for the following essentials:
  • Food (roughly £50 per week)
  • Petrol (£120)
  • Travel (public transport for me) (£37 per week for 3 weeks - I'm on AL for the last week of June)
  • Hobbies (Skating) (£5 per week for David - I don't need to pay as I'm off skates from now on)
We have then also had £50 each for the month to spend on ourselves - going out, sweet treats, clothes etc. (Would you be happy to only have £50 for a month?)...

We have done OK so far, but it definitely makes a month feel like a loooong time!
It's only the 12th today, and I'm already thinking about next month...18 more days to go, so we're not even half way through yet!

We have spent a bit of money from our Family account, which we pay into monthly and also have Ada's child benefit money paid in to. This pays for family days out (entry fees, ice creams, Ada's pocket money, clothes, treats etc).

Also, I hadn't budgeted for any unseen coasts - for example, yesterday David had to spend £150 on new tyres for the car!

I have left a bit of spare cash in our bills/joint account to make sure we don't go overdrawn unexpectedly, which happened last month - we don't have an overdraft on this account and so if we do go over drawn we get charged, which is annoying!

We are doing OK so far, we will be tight by the end of the month, but if we manage to keep to £50 week for food and don't need too much more petrol we should be OK.

It's hard, but it'll definitely be worth it in a few months when I'm off for Maternity Leave and we get to not pay childcare! Woo!

Anyway, on a brighter note, here's Ada being cute!


Anonymous said...

Budgeting can be really hard. Ada is so cute!

Laura Face-Palmer said...

It really is, but it makes treats all the more special! x