The long road to maternity leave....

You know that when you have a holiday coming up...the time from now until then drags...

I have 11 weeks left in work until I finish for my maternity leave. Two weeks of that and a few Fridays are also AL, so I haven't really got that long left at all....but in between now and then we are really busy...lots of things to plan and deliver and get ready before I go...

It will get done, it always does. It's just that I am sooo ready to just stop and relax now.


I have to say that the lovely weather we're having at the moment doesn't help, I'm not enjoying sitting in the office 'working' while it's sunny outside...I'm also finding sitting at my desk pretty uncomfortable at the moment and that's only going to get worse!

At least this weekend was relaxing and fun.
We managed a trip to the park and ice cream, lunch with family and a relaxed Sunday afternoon with friends, as well as Ada's usual ballet class and David and I both going to Roller Derby training on Friday.

I also managed to get some sorting done in the dining room, and it is usable again! Yay! David and G went to the tip with the fridge and freezer, as well as clearing the front 'garden' of most of the old kitchen - at last.

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