I am keen to get the house organised most of the time, but now and then I go into overdrive...David is convinced I'm 'nesting' ready for the baby...maybe that's true...

Here are a few more organisation inspirations!

From here: Jen Loves Ken
I think this would be great for us, David and I are quite busy with gigs, skating, deadlines etc. and I think having this in front of us would be great. We're planning on a blackboard wall in the dining room when we can afford to re-do it, so this could be an addition...we could also use it for our food planning..what do you think David?

I love the white minimal feel to this simple (rather large) hallway. I would love to have something like this at home, but with the prospect of 2 little ones under 4 in the house soon, it's not going to happen. We are planning on a white and black hallway with this lovely tree wallpaper (see below), white walls and antique cream woodwork...I'm looking forward to that!

Cole & Son 'Woods'

Our 'office' is our tiny boxroom.third bedroom. Eventually we hope to open this room up to our large-ish landing to accommodate a staircase up to the loft and have it all open plan, for now we just need to be able to get into it and use it! We have David's PC in there along with my crafty stuff - a sewing machine and all the fabric etc that comes with it...the plan is to put up some shelves to display our camera collection, and paper at least one of the walls in comic book pages! I also want to fit one long table along one wall for David and I to be able to work side by side on the PC & sewing machine, or maybe laptop...if that time ever arises!

From here: Awesome Wallpapers

And, I'm really keen to get our stairs painted and sanded....this will be a messy/dusty job, but somebody's got to do it! hopefully our stairs will look something like this in the near-ish future!

From here: Ali Par
Ah, if only!


Sian Kathryn Jones said...

I love that wall paper! Paul wouldn't let me put that up!

It's like you pulled all these ideas out of my head! If only we had the money to do them :(

Madog said...

I know someone with that wallpaper!

Laura Face-Palmer said...

Indeed! One day!

Ys said...

I'm totally stealing that blackboard idea! How gorgeous is that?

I love your ideas for the office/third bedroom too. When I was a teen all my bedroom walls were one huge collage of pictures from magazines. It was insane! People still talk about it now haha!