Sucky things, weddings and birthday fun...

We spent a lovely Saturday evening with Friends at a pop-up Smokehouse eatery for our friend Andy's birthday last weekend.

I went a bit photo crazy - they are all on Facebook but I thought I'd pop them on here too anyway...

Ada enjoying her food

Ada, Andy (birthday boy) and Arianwen
All the dads and babies - Gareth, Andy & David
The weekend before (I haven't posted for a month!) we went to Derbyshire for my little sisters wedding which was lovely...

Ada and I - dresses from Mamas and Papas and Joules
All the sisters/sisters in law + babies & bumps - Middle = Ada, me, Jenny (little sister/bride) Helen (middle sister)
Me looking rather tired after a hot and sticky sleepless night and an early wake up call from Ada!
Ada and cousin Huxley
Ada and cousin Huxley   

Russell and Jenny (Bride and Groom)
The wedding took place on a farm in the Derbyshire Dales, pretty much in the middle of no where!
There was a free ice cream van, a hog roast, tea and cakes, silly games and a was lovely!

The only down side was my Dad and Step mum weren't able to attend as my dad has been ill and still wasn't well enough! He was gutted and we were gutted..but over all it was an almost perfect day!

Finally...on a bit of a downer, we have to replace out boiler...6 weeks before the baby is due and using all the money we had put aside for when my maternity pay kicks in...
Ah well, we have to wait a week, but by next Thursday we should have a shiny new boiler and hot water again! Yay!

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