A mother of 2...

So, I am now a mother of 2 beautiful (if infuriating at times) children.

I had 9 months off with Irving (and Ada) and have just gone back to work 3 days a week, to ease myself back in.

My time off went quickly, and was challenging. Having 2 little ones to look after on my own all day, breastfeeding for the first time (it didn't work out with Ada) and getting used to the school run and the general feeling of being very needed and very responsible for 2 little people.

They are of course both gorgeous and I wouldn't change them for the world, but I can't deny there are lots of raised voices, tears and stressful moments at home at the moment. I'm hoping once I get used to being back at work and settle into a routine, I'll be less uptight and will make sure to make the most of being at home when I am.

At the moment, the house is a bomb site with piles of washing and washing up, dust, sick and other such stuff on the floors etc....sometimes I just don't like being in the house that much because I just feel I should be doing house work all the time until it is all clean and fresh.... But I also know I need to 'enjoy the moment' more, appreciate Irving while he's little and enjoy Ada and all her eccentricities!

Here's to my beautiful children x

You may notice that Ada's fring has had a 'trim', she did it all by herself! 

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