Black and blue...

I have had a busy week, and have the bruises to show for it!

On Saturday morning, I went paint balling with three other girls from CRG. I had never been before (and wont be going again!) but thought it would be fun. We had a laugh after the nerves subsided, and enjoyed 4 games. We decided to leave before 'The Hunger Games' in the afternoon as we were covered in bruises already.

(Kelly, Claire, Me, Claire)

Sunday we went for a picnic at Tredegar House and let the kids run/crawl around and enjoy the sunshine, then we took the back lanes home through St Brides and counted the horses on the sides of the road! (There is a large Traveller camp in the area).

Last night we had a scrimmage with another local team at 'Derby training, we won (although I'm keeping the score to myself) and had a great time, the team's blocking skills have improved so much! We are awsome!

I have a quiet night in tonight as David will be at Local Sports Team practise, so I may do a bit of tidying and watch a bit of TV....exciting!

I really need to get back to the gym and get it into my routine now I'm back at work, but that is proving easier said than done...

Oh, on Mondays Ada has started taekwondo, and she is loving it. This week we paid for her lessons and she got her uniform called a dobok. So cute!

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Sian Kathryn Jones said...

Sounds like a brilliant week. I love Tradegar House, and Paul does TKD but with TAGB so his suit looks different to Ada's.