Our First 'Summer Holiday'

Photo of Ada by David

This year is the first of many that will bring the 6 weeks school holiday over the summer.

Ada is starting school (Reception) in September and so has 6 weeks off to fill with what ever we can find for her to do!!

So far we have done the following:
  • Swimming at the International Pool
  • Cardiff Museum with friends to see the dinosaurs
  • Swimming in Auntie Sara's pool
  • Visit to Walnut Tree Farm
  • The Dr Who Experience
  • Oakwood
  • Swimming in the Victoria Park pool...and lots more!

With David, Ada has seen some films at the cinema, been to see Elsa from Frozen, had a playdate with her Ballet friend Millie and walked up to some waterfalls...

This weekend we took a family trip to Dan Yr Ogof Caves. A mum friend had blogged about it recently and we had always meant to go, so I thought now was as good a time as any! Even with the rain, we thought it should be fine, and luckily we timed it so that we missed all the rain apart from driving to and from the place!

There were lots of Dinosaurs to see at the park around the caves, a mini museum, an iron age village, a farm with lamas and ostriches as well as the usual animals, and of course the caves themselves.
Cathedral cave, the largest one of the three and one where you can get married (Ada is now planning her wedding here - Arthur be warned!), Dan yr Ogof cave which is a long meandering passage way up and down the cave system, and Bone cave, where you can see some of the history of the people and animals that lived in the caves and who's bones were discovered there.

We all had a great time, exploring, pushing the pushchair up extra steep paths, stoking shire horses, having our pictures taken with dinosaurs and wearing hard hats to protect our heads from very low cave entrances. I would highly recommend the place, even though it is a little pricey, there is plenty to see and do.

Here are a few pictures of our day...

 Now I have to plan what we're going to do for my next 2 weeks off with Ada!

Oh, and David and I are going to Greenman this weekend, on our own, NO KIDS!!! EEEK!