Life Right Now

It was Irving's Birthday on Friday, we had a family gathering and a party on Saturday. Ada also had two other parties to go to at the weekend. We also visited David's grandparents for their birthdays. We were all birthdayed out by Sunday evening!

I have just finished a six week 'Total Body Trasformation' course at the gym. 3 PT sessions a week and healthy eating....well, some healthy eating! Love the exercise and HIIT workouts, definitely messed up a bit on the healthy eating, but I also think I have done some good to my fitness and my body shape. We have our weigh-in and measurements on Thursday, so I'll report back.

 Ada has started school full time. She is loving it (breakfast club and after school club too!)

I managed a night out with some of the RCR Roller Derby ladies, we went for lovely food at Wagamamas and then to a gig where one of the girls was playing. I had red wine and banged my head due to being slightly drunk. Fun!

Otherwise we just seem to be busy busy busy! Messy house, lots of washing to do, lots of tidying to do, sleep needed....the usual for a family of 4.

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