Life at the moment is a mix of everything.

Being busy, but having time for long baths and lots of running.

Work going well, being home in the evenings watching The Walking Dead and Jenna Marbles, Felicia Day and Will Wheaton.

Singing and dancing with the kiddies.

Roller Derby training and games, stepping up to be temporary captain.

Reducing my anti-depressant dose to the lowest possible in an aim to stop taking them all together.

Healthy eating, green smoothies and eggs along with pizza and chocolate cake.

Broken washing machines and lovely neighbours offering to do our washing, as well as lovely friends offering to fix the washing machine for free.

Family funeral, family commitments, not seeing family for over a year, not having or making time to travel and see family.

New babies, 3 new babies in a week: Alexander, Cadi and Enfys Eira.

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