Running: 10K and Half Marathon No.1

On the 22nd Feb I ran the Pontypool Home Run 10k.

My time was 1 Hour 4 minutes. In the cold and the rain. Which I was very happy with!

On 1st March (yesterday) I ran my very first half marathon in Newport. My unofficial time was 2 Hours 26 minutes. It was hard towards the end, but overall it wasn't as bad as I expected (as there were plenty of people to cheer us along and I enjoyed seeing the country side and areas of Newport I hadn't seen before). I sprinted the last 150m to the finish line listening to a bit of Rita Ora!

I'm also running the Llanelli Half Marathon next Sunday (8th March). This is mainly as a challenge to myself to see if I can do long-ish distance running...and partly to try and raise some money for Riot City Ravens (I've not been very unsuccessful at this second part!)

If you fancy sponsoring me you can HERE! (Thank you x)

After the race, very proud of my medal
With Mel and Hannah
Medal selfie!

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