Roller Derby update

So this evening was 'derby training, 2 very hot and sticky hours on my skates.

We did lots of practice on skating technique, stops, falls and speed all of which I learnt new things from. I now know I can do 23 laps in 5 mins(for minimum skills I need to push that up to 25 or more!).

I finally got the hang of t-stops with a combination of advice and tips from at least three different skaters (since I startd skating), tonight it all came together and now I need to practice lots!

I fell a few times tonight too, but in the right way on my pads, no brused bum thank goodness! Also, I think Roller Derby is the thing that is going to make me (finally) learn to love my legs, they are going to be as hard as steel if I keep it up and I can't wait! Lol!

So, thanks to the girls at Cardiff Roller Collective for making me work hard, sweat lots and ache for a few days! I'm totally ready for next Monday night!

Jets vs Sharks on Saturday at Neath Sports Centre, Cardiff  Rude Birds won the main bout 202-125 (photo by Niki Marie Wilson)


hayleeeey said...

wow 23 laps in 5 minutes sounds good!
I really need to work on my skating, i think.
i missed rec league last night, unfortunately. think i'd have been worried about falling on my bum again (still hurts).

I Am Me said...

oh no, invest in some padded shorts, the girl training us last night was weraing them as she bruises really easily...x

Sian said...

My legs seem to hurt even more today than they did yesterday, how is that possible!

You looked like 23 laps was nothing to you - you'll be passing 25 laps in no time!

I Am Me said...

Mt legs were shaking loads after the 23 laps! Looking forward to beating it though!!